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F.A.B. Light®

Looking for a New Product to License?

Peel and Stick your F.A.B. Light® to any Hinged Enclosure. 

Open the Lid, the Light Comes On.  Close the lid, the Light Goes Off. Automatically!

Fades to off after 20 seconds

F.A.B. Light®
Find A Beer
Find A Bobber
Find A Bolt
Find A Bowl
Add a logo.......

Saddle bags: Find A Bandana!

Make up box: Find A Blush!

Perfume Bottle: Find A Bouquet!

Camping? Power outage? No more searching for a flashlight. With the F.A.B. Light®, Find A Beer in your Cooler. Find A Bling in your jewellery box.   Find A Bolt in your tool box.  Even Find A Bowl in your bathroom!

Add a graphic

Instant wedding swag

 Find A Bride!

First Aid Kit: Find A Bandage!

Fun with the F.A.B. Light®  Find A Bone!



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         F.A.B. Light® now available

        for Licence


          Branded F.A.B. Light®

         now available for order



               F.A.B. Light® protected by Utility Patents

              F.A.B. Light® protected by Design Patents

             F.A.B. Light® is a Registered Trade Mark



      Linda Pond


           To email Linda Pond, please fill in the request box, below:

6 pack of F.A.B. Lights® - The F.A.B. Bag


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